Bring the Real-World into your next lesson with our Curriculum

What is ALT X Curriculum?

Authentic Learning Teach X Curriculum (ALTX) is a customized experiential learning curriculum that is aligned to core-subjects state and national standards. Through our customized ALTX Curriculum, we provide teachers an easy and adaptable blue print to create real-world learning experiences directly in their classrooms with real-world professionals. We know the alternative is lots of boring tests and outdated books that tell students what to think and learn. However with ALTX, we push our educators to go outside of the “box” and allow the real-world to be the textbook and our students drive toward their own answers and learning.

Connect Student Learning to the Real World

Students design Pocket Proposals for Elected Officials to fight against housing segregation and discrimination. Let’s not just learn history, but make it. 

Students produce Animated Videos for local Cancer Research Institutions as they learn about genetics, cells, animation and wellness practices.  

Students produce an adapted film with real world movie producers from a novel and learn about literature and the world of film. Students can bring their books to life.


Our team of Curriculum Designers, with over 20+ years of teaching experience and curriculum design experience combined, designed ALTX. So ALT X is made by real teachers for real teachers. We understand how time consuming it is to create large scale projects that deepens student learning. So we have done the hard work for you. ALTX provides training, full lessons, resource guides and materials for teachers to jump in and launch a project on day one with little prep.

With ALT X and our training, students in science class could learn from Cancer Researchers about genetics and an Animation Designer to design youth educational tools for research institutions. We provide the Teaching Artists, Community Teachers, the curriculum, and the training. We just need your classroom and for you to choose the ALTERNATIVE…CHOOSE ALTX. Sign up today for a free consultation for our team to train your team on ALTX this Summer


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