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Destiny Warden

Yoga Instructor
5+ Years

Specific Classes or programs you offer ( optional) I offer specific yoga classes or programs based upon the mental, physical, and emotional wellness of the overall student or group. I do this by teaching poses, meditations or breathing techniques that promote positive health changes to the students overall wellness. 

  • Flexible weekday schedule and hours. Weekends unavailable.


Hello My name is Destiny Warden. I graduated from Clayton State University with a degree in healthcare management, and I am a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. As a yoga instructor my mission is to create an environment of love, care and compassion towards my students. I hope that showing this love will encourage students to show the same love to themselves. I encourage students to grow within and to connect the mind, body, and soul, and to let go of stress, as we can begin to create healing from within. The same healing yoga has given me along my personal journey.

I hope to share a light, fun, empowering flow with students. We will breathe, move, vinyasa, self-examine and connect to the soul. Join me on the mat for a soulful flow with soulful R&B, Jazz, peaceful music and inspiring themes. I inspire a comfortable, safe practice that students can feel good about taking home with them. See you on the mat yogis.
Destiny Rene

Expertise & Skills

Meditation + Yoga Poses
Breathing Techniques
Natural Caregiver
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