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Jessica Matthews

Business Consultant
5+ Years
  • Expert Skills to share:
    • Writing in a business context
      • (e.g. resumes, LinkedIn profiles, SOW, i.e. scope of work / statement of work, website copy, marketing emails, networking introductions, speeches, etc.)
    • Speaking in a business context
      • (e.g. how to host a podcast, how to write an elevator pitch, how to get a referral in 60 seconds, how to use visual aids while speaking, etc.)
    • Implementing productivity platforms to manage tasks + teams
      • (e.g. Asana, Monday.com, Trello, Slack, Google Business, etc.)
    • Setting up a new business
      • (e.g. tax accounts, trade name registration, 501(c)3 application, SOS registration, etc.)
    • Designing + documenting activity processes
      • (e.g. SOP, i.e. standard operating procedures, informal training videos, end user guides, flowcharts, establishing sales or talent recruitment pipelines, proposals + pricing)
    • Navigating personal + professional boundaries
      • (e.g. building a weekly schedule that includes work, commute, hobbies, healthcare, family; preparing for crucial conversations, scripting responses to common objections, etc.
    • Platform Skills include:
      • Microsoft Office
      • iWork
      • Google Business
      • Canva
      • Prezi
      • Cloud Campaign
        • LinkedIn
        • Instagram
        • Facebook
        • Twitter
      • Trello
      • Asana
      • Monday.com
      • Slack
      • DIY image editing (e.g. GIMP, Finder, Photos)
      • Calend.ly
      • Nutshell CRM
      • WordPress.com
      • pen-and-paper (journaling, list-making, color-coding)
  • Availability - ( Virtual/In Person) (Best days and times to partner)  
    • Virtual or In-Person (ITP metro ATL)
    • weekdays between 9 am - 2 pm
    • subject to availability vis-a-vis client commitments


Creator, mother, and consultant—I’m Jessica Matthews. The Frame Brain. I help colorful solopreneurs give shape + strength to their business praxis, so that what glitters turns to gold.
A summa cum laude Clemson tiger, I’m so passionate about the structure of human stories that I studied in the Southeast’s only program nestling film criticism within [English] writing + publications. My great joy is using analytic tools to unlock real-life transformation that’s accessible to body, soul, and wallet.
I’ve accumulated a variety of experiences in human communication—from private school uniform retail (e.g. the stories we embody in our rules + our clothes) to the largest film festival in Atlanta (e.g. the stories we elevate + empower in our 501c3 arts orgs).
A momma on a mission, I take every opportunity to support under-appreciated work at the intersection of body + brain. And when I’m not chasing my toddler, I’m swing dancing the night away.
If you want to color your world with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, I’ll be your partner in the process—
the frame for your brain.

Expertise & Skills

Business Writing
Product Manager
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