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Mike Sick

Creative Developer
15 Years

As an entrepreneur: CEO of Savage Fam and Friends, one of the South East's most admired and respected Entertainment imprints. Events range from live music concerts, parties, spoken word, interactive art installations, producer battles, and rap battles.


"I'm not a promoter I'm a provider. I feel what I do with my events are necessary for the culture and the music scene. I fill a void in people's hearts and minds. Like my music, I want to give you that feeling that you're missing but still know. My passion lies in creating and the creative process. In entertainment and entertaining people. I'm fascinated with the possibilities of how something that came from nothing can have a profound lasting impact on a person."


Mike Sick is lauded as one of the most prominent curators, creative brand strategist, and emcee/host in the entertainment industry working in the highly competitive and influential city of Atlanta, GA. Wether developing his own IP’s as an entrepreneur, Marketing/PR for historic establishments, TV & Film, and brand partnerships, he has consistently struck gold finding the ‘Ikagai’ of every endeavor – a Japanese concept where purpose, passion, talent, and profit intersect.

Partnerships and Clients: Sprite, Marta Transit Authority, Adidas, Microsoft, A3C Festival & Conference, SXSW Festival, Lifetime Network, Amuse.io, Red Bull, Native Instruments, Tuner Evolution Import Car Show

Executive Producer: The Bar Exam (Pass the bar or Pass the mic), The Freestyle Experiment, Controllerise, Poetry vs. Hip-Hop, High off Life Freestyles, Slam Trump, Before I Blow.

TV, Film & Stage
Segment production: Little Women of Atlanta Season 6 (3 episodes)
Host: MTV India, T.I & Tiny Family Hustle
‘A3C Festival Live’ Monthly concert series
‘My One Shot’ on BET

Marketing, Consulting and Brand development –
Soul Food Cypher – Non- Profit (Operation Manager, Crowd Funding, Marketing)
Controllerise Vibe Sessions (Curator, Brand development, Operations manager)
Apache Cafe (Curator, Marketing, PR)

Host of ‘High Off Life Freestyle’ series
Beats, Brews & Life Podcast
Care Free Black Girl Podcast

Expertise & Skills

Audio Engineering
Pro Tools Software
Video Production

Junior Master Class

Cyphering + Hip Hop

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