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Tanjuria Willis

Founder Atlanta Sustainable Fashion Week
5+ Years


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Style expert and entrepreneur, Tanjuria Willis has wrestled with the concept of the word, expert, and how it has been defined or described over the years.  Her journey to both becoming and embracing being considered a fashion expert is, to say the least, unconventional. 


With over three decades of going against the grain as an Electrical Engineering, Technologist turned  Magazine Publisher, Personal Stylist, Fashion Show Curator and Producer, Entrepreneur, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, and most importantly wife and mother, she now understands the journey, for some, is asymmetrical.


In 2002 and with nothing more than belief and determination, Willis (nee Anderson) created Connect Magazine, a lifestyle publication with distribution in Metro Atlanta and via mail subscription.  In 2014, she developed eKlozet Luxury Consignment, with the vision of helping and affording women the ability to define and develop their style to feel good both inside and out.   She understood as well the impact gently used luxury consignment could have on the carbon footprint of our environment.  An earth friendly, sustainable fashion company was born.


Mrs. Willis is currently utilizing her technology expertise to develop an app which will make it easier for people to develop, evolve and refine their (fashion) essence utilizing the clothing already in their closets.  She produces events that will educate consumers on sustainable fashion as well as lifestyle.

Tanjuria partners with organizations that provide support for domestic violence and human trafficking to donate clothing and other services.  When she is not helping others, she loves spending time travelling, listening to Chicago Style House Music, and spending time with her husband, Greg and daughter, Greer.

Expertise & Skills

Leadership Development
Problem Solving
Event Planning
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