Theresa Mingo

African Drummer
5+ Years

Class offerings: Scholars will learn the three voices of the Djembe drum. Students will engage in the history of the drum and learn traditional African dance movements from the West and Ivory Coast of Africa. Students will explore various hand/ percussion instruments along side traditional chants and songs. Students will be challenged to find the connection between traditional sound and movements and how they relate to current musicality and dance forms


Theresa “Wise Mecca” Mingo is a passionate Visual artist, Djembe percussionist, Recording artist, Teacher, Entrepreneur and Designer. Wise is an urban renaissance women and aspires to share her gifts and talents all through out the heart of society. She uses her creativity to impact and enact positive change in the world; especially in young developing creative minds.

Expertise & Skills

African Drumming
African Dance
African Art + Culture
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